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Trees are one of the most majestic features on Earth. They not only provide us with the most important thing to sustain human life (oxygen), but they create great aesthetics in varying landscapes, including urban and suburban landscapes. Unfortunately, there are times when trees need to be removed in Fair Lawn and surrounding areas. Whether it be due to the tree experiencing a disease, protruding near structures or after a natural disaster such as a thunderstorm or high winds, our professionals are here to help with tree removal in Fair Lawn, NJ. If you have a questionable tree that you would like to have inspected or are ready to get that tree removed, give us a call at (201) 782-6900 or request a quote and our professionals  will be in touch shortly. We serve both residential and commercial clients!

tree removal in Fair Lawn, NJ

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Tree Removal Specialists

Our Fair Lawn tree removal professionals are often asked several questions regarding removing trees and stumps. The cost is the most commonly asked question as well as the project timeline to remove a tree. Most tree removal projects can be completed in less than one day, depending on the access to the tree, what is surrounding it – landscaping, homes, buildings, etc., the size of the tree and what the exact scope of work is. For example, removing a 40 foot tall Oak Tree that is in a wide open area of a commercial office park that is readily accessible with tree removal equipment and personnel will take much less time to complete compared to removing a 100 foot tall Willow Tree in a residential neighborhood with lots of houses nearby and then removing the stump once the tree has been cut down. Talk with our tree removal specialists today by calling (201) 782-6900.

tree service in Fair Lawn, NJ

How Much Tree Removal Cost in Fair Lawn, NJ?

The cost for removing a tree in Fair Lawn can vary tremendously. Some local tree removal companies will use the height of the tree to price their jobs, in addition to the tree’s surroundings. Since every job is slightly different we prefer to provide ballpark pricing that is an approximation so you know what to expect.

Average Fair Lawn, NJ Tree Removal Prices (Based on Tree Height)

Please note that every tree service project is different so job pricing will vary from property to property. Be sure to ask about everything that is included with the price, as the stump will remain unless it is removed – this will generally be an additional charge. Chipping the brands and tree trunk will be the next step – be sure to ask if it along with the transportation charges of hauling all the debris (whether it is just chipped or hauled in bulk) is included in the price. Lastly, clean up after the job is included. This is incredibly important because when a large tree is cut down, there will likely be hundreds of small pieces of branches, saw dust, leaves, acorns, pine needles, etc. scattered throughout the work area – be sure to ask your contractor if clean up the debris is included as well.

Our Fair Lawn, NJ Tree Services Include

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The Go-To Tree Removal Experts

There are many reasons why a tree must be removed. Whether it is for aesthetic reasons, safety, or clearing out an area for an upcoming project, it is best practice to only remove trees when absolutely necessary. If the problems can be solved by trimming or pruning trees, that may be the best option. Our tree professionals will help determine the best course of action. So give us a call today at (201) 782-6900 or request a quote to schedule a consultation for your upcoming tree service or removal project.

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